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British Pounds

Manufacturing Services

We provide a service to any client wishing to produce or reproduce small or medium sized items in white metal or high quality English pewter by the means of centrifugal casting into vulcanised silicone rubber moulds.


Master Moulds

Master moulds are the first step to the production of metal miniatures they are designed to give perfect reproductions of original sculpts. But original sculpts need to be strong enough to resist the moulding process. It is recommended that master-moulds are cast as little as possible. Once a mould has been heated it starts to wear. Undercuts may be lost at any time without careful mould handling, small amounts of the oils in the compound are lost and the mould starts to become dry and brittle. Once a master-mould is damaged little can be done to restore it.

We currently produce Master-moulds that are 228mm (9") diameter which gives enough space for 8 - 12 carefully placed miniatures.

Master Moulds cost £65 (GBP) at present and could be produced in 3 weeks.

*Please note, we take no responsibility for damage to greens within the mould production process.


Production moulds.

Production moulds are the final step to mass production of metal miniatures. If you are going to want more than moderate numbers of your cast sculpts then a Production-mould will be necessary. We current produce 228mm(9") production moulds on request. Production moulds are run to destruction, as many as possible usable minis are taken from each mould and when exhausted the mould is cut-up and discarded. Moulds with normal level of undercutting will last over 150 spins giving large quantity's of usable castings for sale.

Production-moulds cost £55.00 (GBP) at present and could be produced in 3 weeks.


Production and Master Casting.

 Production and master casting is carried out in-house by our professional caster using a hydraulic centrifugal casting machine, any quantity of castings that you require can be made in white metal.

 We will cast mould's that have been made by other companies of any size up to (280mm) 11""  under advice. For more information and pricing please contact us at: [email protected]


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