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Washing the model is not always necessary.  However, it is usually better to be safe than sorry and it can also help with the painting process.  By using a mild abrasive cleaner diluted in luke warm water can often give the best results and make the whole process easy.  The model should be allowed to soak for a while before being given a scrub using an old tooth brush.  The bristles of a tooth brush are fine enough to get into small gaps and firm enough to effect a slight key to the surface of the model that will help later with paint adhesion.  The washing process will also allow all traces of mould release fluids to be removed.


Most model primers are sufficient to undercoat the models although just a few do not have the required solvent strength to adhere to resin properly.  If the primer comes away then anything you have painted over it is lost.  Car Body Primer spray is often the better solution.


Once dry, it is just a matter of selecting an appropriate colour scheme for your model.  Acrylics are easy to use and are as good as any type of paint for resin models.  However, a final coat of matt or satin varnish is advised to stop any paint removal due to handling.

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